Winter Dog Care Tips

Nov 22, 2018

Winter is here and that means cold weather, salt on the streets and your chance to bust out those colourful sweaters for your pup.

While we’ll be doing our best to keep all of our dog daycare and boarding guests nice and warm during their time with us, we’ve put together a quick list of winter dog care tips to help you make sure there’s no frozen pups at home!

Keep The Heating On – an obvious but important one, especially for those dogs with thin skin. Houses can get cold so a bitta warmth will go a long way to keeping your pup all toasty while you’re out at work

Sweaters – not all dogs are blessed with the natural insulation a healthy thick fur provides. Having a sweater or two on hand that covers from neck to rump and also the belly will help provide an extra layer of insulation and keep your pup from getting too cold on walks.  Just make sure there’s proper windchill breaking material included

Booties – maybe some day someone will invent a salt that’s not harmful for our friends sensitive paws, but until that day we recommend investing in a pair of boots to protect your pups feet from the salt and grit on the roads and paths. Sure, they might not dig the boots at first, but they’ll thank you later.

Paws After Care – moisturising balms help keep those paws from cracking and add an extra layer of protection. Try to find creams or balms with all natural ingredients, they’re better in the long run.

Pay Attention To The Weather – sometimes it’s nigh on impossible to get some exercise in when the weather gets too fierce. But you can plan your walks around those pesky weather systems to make sure your pup gets out and about.

Comfy Bedding – if your house has tiled floors it’s no fun for your pup to sleep on them when it’s cold. Throw a few blankets down or get a raised bed for them to catch some zzzz’s.

And of course, lots and lots of snuggles!

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