The Importance of Having Your Dog Spayed/ Neutered

Sep 14, 2016

Just like Bob Barker always said, remember to have your dog spayed or neutered! Read on to discover why it will benefit not only your dog’s mental and physical well-being, but also your own peace of mind!

We all know puppies are adorable, they’re funny little balls of fur that love to play and learn new tricks! But accidental puppies, not so desirable. It can sometimes be difficult to find suitable homes for all of them, and it also takes away potential homes for dogs that have been waiting to be rescued in dog shelters. There are plenty of great dogs waiting to go to their forever home, but don’t always get that chance when backyard breeders or accidental litters happen. Your wallet will also thank you as spaying/neutering your pet is much cheaper than caring for a new litter of puppies.

When you neuter your male dog, you prevent his risk for testicular cancer, perianal tumors and some prostate problems too. You greatly reduce behavioural problems such as marking, running away from home if he has the scent of a female in heat, aggression towards other males interested in the same female, humping, etc. Although these behaviour issues are often greatly reduced once neutered, they may not disappear completely. Especially if you have waited a while to have your dog neutered and he is simply used to these behaviours already. As well as he will still have some testosterone in his body (neutering does not completely eliminate this hormone from his body).

Spaying your female dog is also quite beneficial. It will reduce your dog’s chance for breast tumors and uterine infections. When in heat, many female dogs will howl in pursuit to alert males and find a mate, spaying will often reduce and sometimes completely eliminate this behaviour, depending on each individual dog of course. As mentioned previously, it will save you the cost of a new litter of puppies. If your dog does become pregnant, it will also save you on vet bills for regular pregnancy checkups, prenatal vitamins or supplements (if required), and any possible complications with the pregnancy.

When you spay or neuter your dog, it will also give you a lot more freedom when looking for doggy daycare or boarding, as many facilities will only accept dogs who have been spayed/neutered.

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits both to you and your pooch to have your dog spayed/neutered. It is definitely better to do it as soon as the vet says they are old enough, rather than waiting and possibly letting undesirable behaviours set in for life. You will also be helping dogs who are already waiting in shelters and rescues to have a better chance at their forever home. For most owners, it is a clear answer to keeping their pet happy and healthy!

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