The Benefits of Play in Dog Daycares

Oct 29, 2015

A dog daycare is a place where pet owners can drop off their beloved friends for part of the day or most of the day, just like a traditional daycare for kids. The dog daycare goes beyond dog walking by taking care of the dog and allowing the dog to roam and play without being confined to a leash. There are multiple dogs at the daycare, so each dog has playmates to interact with and socialize with and overall has a much more enjoyable experience than a dog walk would bring.

Walking your dog is necessary for its happiness and health, but it does not offer a complete social experience for the dog. Sometimes, a dog walk can be more harmful than helpful if the dog senses danger or unknown territory and becomes scared, if the dog doesn’t trust the dog walker, or if the dog has an aversion to the leash. Even if the dog is walked in a group and has the chance to socialize with other dogs, it is not the same because the dog is attached to a leash and interaction isn’t as much on his terms. Dog owners really should consider the benefits of dog daycare and dog walking shouldn’t be the only form of play and socialization that your dog has the opportunity to enjoy.

A dog daycare is a very nice environment for the dog. There are plenty of things for the dog to play with and explore in addition to the enjoyable company of other dogs. It gives pet owners peace of mind while they are away at work or other business knowing that their dog is being watched over, enjoying himself, and not in a cage. A reputable dog daycare will care for each dog as if it were their own.

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