In Home Puppy Play Date

Before they are ready for the playground

In Home Puppy Visits

You’ve just got your new puppy and they aren’t ready to come for a doggie daycare adventure at Paws Playgrounds just yet. They are still a little too young and need a little extra guidance to help build their confidence. We are happy to take on the responsibility of helping your little pup learn the skills and social cues they need to live in a home.

Our puppy visit will start with us taking care of your little one’s basic needs, feeding, water and the important potty breaks. We will take your puppy out for a potty break and help teach them the importance of going outside or in the designated area, rather than around the home. After the basics are taken care of we can then start with the other key aspect, PLAY! We will let your little pup take the lead when it comes to play, it is important that they have the choice of how they want to play. We will of course guide your pup away from any undesirable play, such as damaging items around the home or taking things not meant for play. If your puppy has had the required vaccinations to be outside, then we will take them on a fun short walk around the area so they can sniff out all the exciting smells. We will cover basic obedience skills along with any other tools you are using to help reinforce your training.

At the end of every visit we will send you a little Pupdate with a picture of how the visit went.

Puppy Playdate - Dog Relaxing

Puppy Play Date Rate

In home Puppy Play Date: $23 per visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can a puppy go to Paws Playgrounds?

Your puppy must have the second set of shots (first vaccination: 6 to 8 weeks, second vaccination: 9 to 11 weeks). When they are ready, we will introduce them to a play adventure at Paws.

Care for Your Puppy

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