Preparing for a New Dog

Oct 25, 2016

Bringing home a new puppy or adopting an older dog is a very exciting time! You’ve discussed it with your family and decided everyone is ready for the new responsibility; but maybe you’re worried you are forgetting something? Don’t worry! We’ve prepared a few tips to help make your new dog feel right at home!


Here is a list of the supplies you will need ready when bringing your new dog home:

  • Dog bed & blankets • Food & water dishes
  • Dog crate • Toys
  • Food & Treats • Leash/ Collar/ Harness/ Halti
  • Poop bags & potty training pads
  • Grooming items (brush, nail clippers, shampoo)

Of course, this is just the main supplies you will need. When you do get your dog and walk through the pet store together, you will find there’s a whole world of cool dog gadgets, toys & training tools. You can spoil your dog with just about anything! Organic dog treats, dog clothing, automatic feeders, mini dog couches, the list goes on!


Plan for Emergencies

It is a great idea to have a vet established that you trust and that you can take to for regular check-ups, vaccinations, etc. It is also very important to have an emergency vet in mind in case your pet needs immediate vet attention. This is essential to have especially if your regular vet is not nearby or has regular office hours that close around 6pm. If your pet needs immediate attention in the middle of the night, you will be thankful to have your emergency vets’ number on hand.

When we talk about emergencies, we don’t just mean vet visits. If you want to take an impromptu trip or last minute need to go away for work, you want to have a plan ahead of time of who will be looking after your dog if you can’t take him with you.  You will need to decide between a variety of options such as leaving him with family or friends, putting him into a boarding facility, have him stay in home boarding, etc. For every one of these options, you should establish them before you actually need them. Which family member can take him? Are they prepared to have a dog with them and for how long? If going to a boarding facility or staying with someone who offers home boarding, it is smart to have him stay for 1 or 2 nights prior to make sure he enjoys it there and the care is up to your standards.

Though it might be a very hectic few days when preparing for your dog and introducing him to his new home, make sure to slow down and appreciated those initial moments of learning and bonding with your new dog. Now that you are fully prepared for your dog coming home, you can really enjoy getting to know your new family addition!


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