Pet Taxi

Taking the stress out of your daily schedule with a taxi service that is door to door

Dog Taxi to and from Paws

We know you are busy. We pick up and drop off your dog from your home.

Our specially equipped van will get your dog to Paws Playgrounds where they will enjoy playing in our private 10,000sq foot indoor & outdoor play area. They will get plenty of exercise. After your dog is done, we’ll get them home again. It’s easy.

Our dog taxi service covers from Broadview to Victoria Park and from the lake to as far north as Bloor/Danforth. We have multiple runs Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.

Pet Taxi - Dog Relax

Pet Taxi Rate

Paws Dog Taxi: $6 Return
Subject to availability on the day and location. All taxi requests are pending staff approval.
Can be used for both Dog Daycare and Dog Boarding.
Available as part of a play package deal

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Without making the drive, you can get your dog to Paws Playgrounds with our pet taxi.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does per day include pick up and drop off?
Yes, $6 is round trip per day.
Do I need to give you a key?
A key is preferable however if you have a lockbox or a door code, that will work as well.
Do I need to be home for my dog to be picked up or dropped off?
Nope, just let us know where your pup will be if they don’t come running to us at the front door.

Make Your Life Less Hectic

Come home to a tired, happy pet that’s ready to cuddle with you.