Natural Flea Remedies For Dogs that You Can Make at Home [Updated]

Oct 27, 2020

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No one likes fleas! These tiny little invaders know no boundaries and can be a big nuisance to your dog, and your whole household. 

These tiny parasites irritate dogs to no end and cause an itching sensation that results in your pet scratching himself endlessly. Flea bites cause a bump, but if your pet is allergic to flea saliva, then it can result in swelling and welts on the skin. Redness, licking and lesions are all tell-tale signs of fleas. If you are a dog owner, we know you can’t stand having fleas on your dog and in your home. 

There has been a lot of focus on the safety of in store pet flea products and treatments.  To help you, our doggie daycare has put together a list of 21 easy made natural home remedies that prevent, repel and kill fleas on your dog and in your home and yard.

This all-natural list provides you with effective flea remedies and prevention measures that are safe for you and your dog.

Top DIY Remedies for Natural Flea Prevention for Dogs

Here are homemade flea killer options for your dog that are effective, either as preventative measures and for a full active flea attack.


Spray, Washes & Rubs

1. Flea Repellant in a Spray Bottle

In a spray bottle, combine a few drops of essential oils with flea repellent properties. Essential oils that are known to repel fleas include lavender, lemon and cedar oil. (For an in depth look at essential oils check out the YourDogAdvisor article on them right here.)


2. Coconut Oil

A great home remedy to get rid of fleas on your dog is to rub coconut oil right into your dog’s fur. This can kill fleas within just a few minutes.


3. Flea Powder

Food-grade Diatomaceous Earth can be used as a natural flea remedy. Just spread a thin layer of diatomaceous earth throughout your animals’ fur to get rid of fleas on your dog.


4. Apple Cider Vinegar Spray Repellant

Apple Cider Vinegar is a natural flea remedy for dogs. To use it as a spray, just add equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on your pet when you notice fleas, or before they go outside.  It will act as natural flea prevention.


5. DIY Flea Shampoo

A pet bath with homemade flea shampoo: a mixture of Dawn dish soap or Citrus Castille soap, with salt. These two combined have been known to          kill adult fleas as well as flea eggs.  Follow this by a final rinse with Apple Cider Vinegar, for this rinse, use one-part vinegar to ten parts water.


6. Flea Comb

Regular combing of your dog’s coat by using a flea comb can be very effective for natural flea prevention. Precoat your dog with a DIY lemon juice repellant using 1 part lemon juice and 1 part water.  Proceed to comb your pet all over and pay special attention to the head, neck, underbelly, tail and legs.


7. Chemical free flea and tick collar

Make a flea and tick collar yourself.  Soak your dog’s cloth collar in a mix of witch hazel, garlic and essential oils.


8. Salt

Many dog owners swear by using salt on fleas. If you live near the ocean, take your dog swimming to a dog friendly beach! The salt from the water can dehydrate and kill fleas. The flea’s entire life cycle can last several months, so you may need to repeat regularly in order to make sure the flea infestation is completely gone.   Please remember that exposing your dog to salt water too often may dry out your dog’s skin and hair, so take the appropriate precautions.


9. Wash Bedding

It’s likely that there are fleas and flea eggs in your dog’s bedding. You should wash your dog’s bedding in hot, sudsy water every other day and as an added extra step to control fleas, Spray the bedding with any of your DIY flea repellant sprays that you can find in this article.



10. Garlic

Feed your pet garlic before and during the flea and tick season. Garlic has been known to help in the war on fleas and ticks.


11. Brewer’s yeast

Adding a small amount of brewer’s yeast to your dog’s food, preferably mixed with garlic, works effectively to repel fleas.


12. Apple Cider Vinegar

A spoonful of Apple Cider Vinegar added to your dog’s water bowl can act as a natural remedy for fleas on dogs.


Natural Ways to Control Fleas in Your Home and Yard

When dealing with natural flea control don’t forget to treat your home and yard. This can become an unwanted cycle of re-infestation if you remove fleas from your pets but don’t take the necessary steps with your home and garden.  Here are a few natural ways to get rid of fleas and ticks.


For Home

13. Vacuuming

Weekly vacuuming of your carpets and floors is one of the most effective flea control home remedies.  This works by removing fleas and flea larvae eggs from your carpets and furniture. Increase the effectiveness by using baking soda, salt and or food-grade diatomaceous earth to kill the fleas and their eggs.   Sprinkle some of this substance down along the fibres of your carpets and on the corners of the furniture. Let it rest for 1-2 days, Vacuum your home thoroughly, paying special attention to any places your dog hangs out.  Be sure to empty the contents of the vacuum canister outside in a trash can.


14. Upholstery Cleaner

If you have a full blown flea infestation in your home, you should get rid of fleas and dust mites on your furniture, mattresses, sofas, chairs, rugs and dog beds. To do this, you will need an upholstery cleaner. This DIY upholstery cleaner is made with borax, baking soda and essential oils to eliminate fleas from furniture and rugs.


15. Spray for Your Furniture

A DIY citrus flea repellant spray on your furniture can be used to get rid of fleas on infected furniture. It can also be used to keep fleas away. Take the citrus solution and spray it on the infested areas in your home – sofas, pet bedding, chairs etc. a light coat to dampen is all you need.


16. Killing Fleas with Light

This age-old remedy that has had great results over the years. The best results are usually associated with home that have lots of carpet. At night, place a small bright light lamp on the floor, directly pointing over a bowl of sudsy Dawn or Joy dish soap water.  It’s amazing to see what happens.  The fleas love the light and are attracted to it.  On the way to the bright lamp, they and in the water & drown.  Please note that this method works on adult fleas.  Make sure you repeat this for 3-4 nights.


17. Dehumidify

Fleas love humid environments, but not dry environments. Use a dehumidifier to remove humidity, especially in rooms where you’re having trouble with fleas.


For Yard

18. Diatomaceous Earth

Use Food-grade Diatomaceous Earth. Spread it around your yard.  It will get rid of fleas from your yard.  Diatomaceous earth is a  non-toxic powder that breaks apart flea larvae eggs.  The larvae then dry  out before they can grow into adult fleas.


19. Nematodes (Roundworms)

Nematodes are roundworms that eat flea larvae.  Put them in your yard and garden.  In about  a month, you should be rid of fleas for good.  You can find nematodes in your garden supply store or online.


20. Herbs that Repel Fleas

Adding certain flowers, plants and herbs that naturally repel fleas to your landscaping can help repel fleas from your yard.  Catnip, chamomile, lavender, lemongrass, mint, sage and rosemary are all excellent choices to help eliminate fleas from your yard.


21. Cedar Chips

Using cedar chips is another natural way to get rid of fleas.  Fleas hate the smell of cedar chips.  All you do is spread them all over your yard.

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