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Largest Private Daycare for Dogs
Largest private daycare for dogs in Toronto

Dog Care Services

Toronto’s premier pet care providing your pet with the best care possible.

CoVID-19 Protocols: Our new assessment process will be a virtual meeting and tour via Zoom. Schedule a Free Assessment.

Full Service Dog Boarding

First class Toronto Dog Kennels

  • Luxury dog boarding with orthopaedic beds
  • Cage free dog kennels
  • 12 spacious sleeping suites for boarding guests
  • Private rooms for breakfast and dinner service
  • Toronto’s largest Indoor and outdoor dog
    playground facility
Dog Daycare Services at Paws

Luxury Dog Daycare

Caring for dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages, and energy levels,

  • 10,000 sq ft dog playground in downtown Toronto
  • Outdoor playground and climate controlled indoor playground
  • Open 7 days a week
  • Separate small dog daycare
  • Dog Taxi Available

More Services

Puppy Play Date icon

Puppy Play Date

Cuddles with little puppies
Pet Taxi in Toronto icon

Pet Taxi

No fuss transit to and from daycare

Dog Bathing icon

Dog Bathing

One- on- one wash with nail trim

Cat Sitting in Toronto - icon

Cat Sitting

Caring for your cat in your home

Get the Peace of Mind You Deserve

10,000 Square Foot Dog Daycare and Dog Boarding in Downtown Toronto

  • Dedicated pet care professionals
  • Personalized care and attention
  • Supervised safe and positive dog play
  • Reinforced good behavior and basic obedience throughout the day
  • Separate play area for little dogs
  • Security monitored facility
  • Fully enclosed indoor and outdoor play spaces
  • Fully Insured and Bonded
10,000 Square Foot Dog Daycare and Dog Boarding in Downtown Toronto
Play All Day Dog Daycare

Play All Day

Dogs can romp and play the day away both indoors and outdoors in our 10,000 square foot facility. Dog kennel guests play all day with our dog daycare guests and you can see all their new friends, adventures, and fun times on our Facebook page and Instagram feed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Dog Daycare

What does a dog do all day in a dog daycare?
Your dog will run and play to his heart’s content! He will play with his daycare friends, splash in the pool, slide down the slide, jump through agility playsets, and climb on the jungle gyms! When that’s enough, he can climb up on the many sofas or curl up on a Daycare Attendants lap for some cuddles and quiet time.
Do you take them for walks?
No, we don’t take them off the premises as we can not control the environment outside our dog daycare facility. But rest assured, the amount of exercise your dog gets from running and playing is much greater than a regular walk. Your dog will be tired when he gets home!
What is the assessment?
The assessment is an initial interview between the pup, the owners, and Paws. This is to ensure that the pup is comfortable here, the owners are comfortable with their pup here, and also to ensure that the pup is comfortable with being handled by Paws Daycare Attendants. The next step in the assessment process is to introduce other dogs to the new dog one by one to see how he interacts. All dogs must complete this process before entering our group play environment for a trial play.

How Does It Work

Where Your Dog Can Be a Dog
Visit and Free Assessment-icon

Visit and Free Assessment

Visit and tour the facility with your dog, so you and your dog get a feel for the facility and playground.
Free Trial Day-icon

Free Trial Day

Your dog comes in for a complimentary trial day at Paws Playgrounds to experience our dog daycare
Playground Fun-icon

Playground Fun

Your dog comes regularly to play, stay, and exercise in a safe, managed environment


Quotation Marks
Paws Playgrounds is by far the most outstanding dogcare service in the city! They care for our dog Max like he is part of their family. We could not live without them!!
Paws Playgrounds are amazing! So glad we found them. Winnie goes on a three hour adventure and comes home exhausted! They are very accommodating too! Would highly recommend!
Sue and Jason are absolutely responsible. They show great care to each dog. I have tried other big dog day care places, but my puppy was still very energetic when I got home. With Paws Playground, my puppy is always content and tired after dog daycare.
Sarah Clarke

Sarah Clarke

Happy Customer

Hannah Noble

Hannah Noble

Happy Customer


Valerie Cao

Happy Customer

Coverage Map icon

Location and Pet Taxi Service Boundary.

Our pet taxi makes taking care of your dog a breeze. We will pick up and drop off your dog so you can enjoy your dog when you get home.
Dog Taxi Coverage Area Map

Why Choose Paws Doggy Daycare?

Providing the Very Best Care for Your Dog
  • No fuss Dog Taxi available
  • Lots of dog friends to play with
  • Non-stop dog adventures
  • All day exploration for your dog
  • 10,000 square foot dog daycare
  • Huge outdoor playground
  • Tunnels, slides, and splash pools
  • Separate small dog daycare
  • Large climate controlled indoor facility
  • Rubberized mats and agility playsets