Fast and Healthy Dog Treats

Nov 23, 2016


We know you put a lot of thought and care into what your dog eats. Whether it’s a reward during a training session or just a midday snack, you want to be sure your dog’s treats are yummy and nutritious. We’ve put together a couple of dog treat options/recipes that you can be sure your dog will beg for more!


Raw Carrots

After washing, peeling and chopping into bite size pieces, raw carrots are an inexpensive and nutritious treat for your dog. Most dogs absolutely love the taste of carrots which explains why they are commonly used in dog foods. They are packed full of vitamins that keep your dog feeling his best as well as low in calorie so they are a great idea for training treats! Not only are they super nutritious, their crunchy texture as helps in cleaning your dog’s teeth!


Frozen Apple Treats

Especially good on warmer days, your dog will absolutely love frozen apple treats!

2 Cups Apples (peeled, cored, pureed)

1 Cup Plain Non-fat Yogurt

1 Cup Water

Mix all ingredients together and pour into an ice cube tray. Let freeze for 6-8 hours.

These treats will not only help to keep your dog hydrated, apples are also a great source of fiber, vitamin A and vitamin C. The yogurt in this treat is a natural source of calcium for your pooch, and contains probiotics to help keep your dog’s digestive tract healthy!


With these easy to prepare treats you will always be ready when your pup is in need of a snack! Have these ready to go during your training session or going out for a walk. These healthy additions to your dogs diet will help them meet their required daily nutrients and keep them living happy and healthy lives!

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