Dog Boarding Kennels in Downtown Toronto

Aug 10, 2017

Vacationing in the best dog boarding kennels in Toronto?? Paws up!!

Whether you’re off for a short weekend or an extended holiday, our short and long-term best dog boarding kennels in Toronto service is the place for your pup!

If you are going on a vacation, doesn’t your dog deserve one too? Make a reservation in our dog boarding suite! Your pup will enjoy plenty of super comfy sofas and orthopedic beds to lounge on. They’ll also have bones to chew on, unlimited staff snuggles and a personalized meal service! Our experienced staff are happy to administer medications and handle raw food. Picky eater? No problem! We keep a variety of yummy smelling treats and add-ins handy to ensure that your pup enjoys every single meal.

If your dog is still feeling a bit nervous, a Daycare Attendant will take them to a separate, quiet room for some cuddle time. Our dog boarding program is designed to be a low stress environment, as we are focused on ensuring that every dog feels safe and comfortable during their stay with us.

During the day, your dog will socialize, make new friends, and play in our super huge playground and facility. If you are missing your best friend while you are away, check out our Facebook and Instagram pages! We post plenty of pictures of the dogs in action all day long! Does your dog need a bit of extra primping? Add a bath, brush and pawdicure to your reservation for the ultimate pampered pup!


Ready for your dog to board with us? In 3 simple steps:

  1. Click here to access the calendar for your free assessment.
  2. Select the date and time for your assessment.
  3. Fill out the quick information form for that date and time.

All done and we’re looking forward to seeing you and your dog soon!!

What will my dog do during the day during his dog boarding vacation?

Your dog will run and play to his heart’s content! He will play with his doggie daycare friends, splash in the pool, slide down the slide, and jump through agility playsets! When he’s tired, he can climb up on the many sofas or on a Daycare Attendants lap for some cuddles and quiet time.

Do I need to bring his bed?

You’re more than welcome to bring his own bed, however, we do offer orthopedic beds for all our suites – no matter the size of your pup!

What else do I need to bring for my dog’s boarding vacation?

We ask that you bring his food because we don’t want to switch his food too quickly. Sometimes, when food is switch too quickly, diarrhea may ensue – and that doesn’t make for a great dog boarding experience. We understand if you’re in a rush, let us know what brand of food your dog likes and we’ll happily pick it up. If your pup doesn’t have stomach issues with switching food, then we’re happy to feed him our food.

Will there be someone there overnight with my dog?

Our Daycare Attendants leave roughly 11pm in the evening and return roughly 6am in the morning. Each dog is separated into their own suites with an orthopedic beds, toys, bones, and water for the night. After playing all day, our guests are so tired that they happily wander into their suites to hunker down for the night. Studies have also shown that dogs get a better night sleep (when in a different place than home) without a person around. This allows the dog to get a good night’s sleep to be happy and alert and ready to play come daybreak!
Our premises are secured with state of the art technology for heat detection, smoke detection, glass breaks, and unlawful entry.

My dog eats slowly. How do we ensure no other dog eats his food?

This is common among some dogs but rest assured that every dog eats separately and is given roughly 45 mins to an hour to eat. This is to ensure they’ve digested their food properly. If a dog goes out to play too quickly after eating, they could throw it up or worse, stomach bloat which may require surgery.

Can my dog get a bath after playing?

Yep! We do dog bathing – check out our dog bathing page for more information.

Next Steps for Dog Boarding?

Is your dog ready for his new adventure? Give us a call today at 416.461.4788 or bark at us by email ( to get started!

Dog Boarding rates: $60 per 24 hours
Dog Boarding Package: $1080 for 20 Sleepovers (no expiration)

Dog Boarding rates during peak season (Spring Break): $75 per 24 hours

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