Puppy Playdate Service in Downtown Toronto

Aug 10, 2017

Puppy Playdate in Downtown Toronto!

Little puppies need extra time and attention for those snuggles and cuddles! We specialize in puppy kisses!! We offer puppy playdates where cuddles and snuggles galore are part of the morning and/or afternoon fun time!

Let’s face it, sometimes puppies just aren’t old enough to come play with the big kids… so what do you then? Well, we come in to your home to let them out to do their business and we play with them until they are ready to join doggie daycare adventures. Generally, vets recommend puppies to be ready after their second round of vaccinations.

Is your puppy ready for playdates? In 3 simple steps:

  1. Click here to access the calendar for your free assessment.
  2. Select the date and time for your assessment.
  3. Fill out the quick information form for that date and time.

All done and we’re looking forward to seeing you and your dog soon!!

Puppy Playdate rates: $40 for 2 puppy playdates per day
Two Playdate Package: $720 for 20 adventures (no expiration)

Dog Daycare rates: $25 for 1 puppy playdate per day
One Playdate Package: $450 for 20 adventures (no expiration)

But there are countless options in Toronto for pet care, so why should you choose us?

Service – With our dog daycare and dog boarding here at Paws, we see each dog as an individual, and every visit will be tailored to your pup’s unique needs. Whether he or she needs encouragement to make friends, reminders to play gently, or help reading other dog’s signals, our staff will praise, correct, and remind as often as needed. Are you working on any special tricks at home? Let us know and we will continue working on them during visits!

Suites – Our custom suites are designed to emulate your home so our pups feel like it’s home away from home! Make a reservation in our dog boarding suite, where your pup will enjoy plenty of sofas and orthopedic beds to lounge on, a 40 inch television for movie nights, bones to chew on, unlimited staff snuggles and a personalized meal service!

Safety – After years of working with dogs, we are well aware of the many dangers that lurk in off leash parks. From foreign objects to broken fences to unpredictable dogs, taking your pup to an off leash park is risky business. We are equipped with a triple gating systems, an 8 ft tall locking security fence as well as state of the art monitoring cameras. Both of our climate controlled dog daycares are cleaned daily and the dogs are always supervised by trained staff. Every dog who comes to our facility is thoroughly screened and evaluated before joining our pack.

Next steps?

Give us a shout at 416.461.4788 or email us at info@pawsplaygrounds.com to book an appointment and discuss your dog’s bathing needs.

For dog daycare and dog boarding, we begin with an initial consultation to assess your dog to ensure they will fit in with the pack and that you’re comfortable with your pup coming here. Your pup will then be placed in a group based on their energy and fitness levels. Our high energy group runs and plays for the majority of the time, whether it’s around the jungle gym or up and down the slides while our lower energy group socializes at a slightly slower pace.

Individual dog bathing start at $40.

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