Choosing the Right Dog Food

Nov 15, 2016

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If you are a new pet parent then you have probably already been doing lots of research already on which food brand to buy for your pup. If you’ve owned your dog for a while now, you may be frustrated with some of your dog food choices or confused on what’s best for your pup. Today we will discuss some ingredients that can really benefit your dog as well as what common dog food ingredients to avoid and why.

Most people are aware with all those dog food TV commercials, that you really do want the first ingredient listed on your dog food to be meat. Which kind of meat is really up to you, depending on if your dog has any food allergies or sensitivities. Dogs are recommended about 15-30% of their diet to consist of protein, while puppies require a little bit higher at 22-32% (due to their growth).

Despite what you might be hearing, grains can actually be good in your dog food. Whole grains, not fillers, are carbohydrates that will give your dog energy. Some dog owners may be concerned about gluten allergies in their dog as we hear about it fairly commonly in humans. In reality, gluten allergy is very rare in dogs compared to humans.

Some ingredients that are less than desirable to be in your dog food would be fillers such as corn gluten and meat by products. These ingredients have very little nutritional value for your dog and are typically used in cheaper dog foods to add more content to the food while also keeping the cost low.

While there are other types of diets that you can provide your dog (a raw diet for example), if you are searching for the right kind of kibble we are sure these tips will help you with your decision. Choosing the right food for your dog is imperative to helping them continue to live long and healthy lives!

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