Cat Sitting

In-Home Care for your Cat

Downtown Toronto In-Home Cat Care

Do you need an experienced cat care specialist to care for your cat while you are away?

Most cat’s love to stay at home. They aren’t like dogs who need to go to a dog boarding facility where they get lots of attention and play. Our cat sitting service will let your cat stay at home, while we provide the care they need to feel safe and cared for.

We come to your home and take care of your cat.
For your cat, we will:

  • Provide fresh food and water
  • Change the litter box
  • Pet or play – if your cat likes that
Downtown Toronto In-Home Cat Care
What else we do when cat sitting

We will also do a bit of light work in your house, including

  • Bring in your mail and newspapers
  • Water your plants

Cat Sitting Rates

Single Visit: $25
20 Pack Visit: $450
Yes, we are fully bonded and insured. And we love cats too.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should a cat sitter visit?
It depends on your cat. Less social cats need a visit once every 2 days. Other cats may want a visit every day. Feel free to discuss with your kitty about what they’d like.

Get the Cat Sitter Your Cat Needs

Your cat will feel safe and secure and maintain their daily routine.