Cat Sitting in Downtown Toronto

Aug 10, 2017

Cat Sitting in Downtown Toronto

Dogs aren’t our only furry friends in need of some fun loving TLC, especially when their humans aren’t around. We haven’t forgotten about our feline friends either! Ask about our cat sitting visits, where one of our staff members will come to your home to make sure that your kitty companion is taken care of. Come home to a clean litter box, full food dishes and a well loved cat.

Your kitty requires some extra attention with medication? Absolutely, not a problem at all! Allergies? Yuppers! We are pet first aid trained and happy to administer meds. We want ensure that your kitty will be his happiest possible even while you’re enjoying your much deserved vacation!

A cat’s personality can range from super social to anti-social and everything in between. We find that the less we disrupt their routine, the happier and calmer they are. If your cat is a social animal, we’ll happily play with, cuddle, and spend time engaging and stimulating them. If your cat is on the anti-social side, and prefers to do their own thing, we’ll simply spend time near them so they feel a human presence during your absence. Our goal is for your cat to be a happy cat!

More than just cat sitting Toronto, we ensure they have plenty of food and water and that their litter box is cleaned on each and every visit. We know how fastidious our feline friends are when it comes to personal hygiene! We’re also happy to water your plants, bring in your mail and restock your cat’s favourite food, should you require. If you have any special requests, please don’t hesitate to ask us. For some services including nail trimming, additional rates apply.

Next Steps?

Call us today at 416.461.4788 or email to book your cat sitting consultation.

Cat Sitting rates: $25 per visit or package of 20 visits for $450 with no expiration.

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