Breed of the Week: Pomeranian

Oct 8, 2016


Is your idea of the perfect dog outgoing, alert and intelligent? Well then you may be interested in our pint-sized breed of the week, the Pomeranian!
The Pomeranian can come in many different colours/ variations, but the most common is the orange and red. Typically this breed will only weigh between 3-7 lbs when full grown (although it often looks like more with all that fur!). The Pomeranian name originates from Pomerania, a region in Germany, even though the breed was not created in Germany, but it was bred down to its small size there. Surprisingly, this breeds’ ancestors are working dogs from Iceland, specifically sled dogs. In fact, the Pomeranian still belongs to the Spitz family which also includes such breeds as the Norwegian elkhound and the Malamute. This history gives us a better idea of why the Pomeranian always seems to have that big dog personality in that tiny little body.
This breed definitely looks like it needs a lot of grooming, but in reality, their fur only really requires 1-2 times a week of brushing. Hair clipping only if the owner desires. They are almost fox-like in appearance especially with the red colouring. Other variations the Pomeranian can come in are; black, black and white, brown, white, black and tan, even blue merle!
Pomeranians can make wonderful family pets! When socialized properly, they get along amazingly with kids, strangers and other pets. They strongly believe they are there to protect you, and will bark to alert you to any possible threats or dangers. It is a good idea to work on obedience including ‘quiet’ so you can communicate to your Pomeranian when to stop barking. Obedience training for Pomeranians is relatively easy as they are very intelligent and enjoy making their people happy. Pomeranians have lots of energy and require a long walk everyday as well as some sort of mental stimulation or training to keep their minds active. Many Pomeranian owners have started entering their dogs into fly ball and agility competitions. Competitions are a great idea for these feisty little dogs so they can release some of that energy!
If you’re interested in a little dog with a huge personality, the Pomeranian may be perfect for you! They will easily adapt to apartment living due to their compact size, but keep in mind that you’ll need to teach your dog important manners such as stop barking on command, to not disturb your neighbours. Fairly easy fur to maintain, but with the freedom of many different haircut possibilities! Just as with any dog, make sure to keep yours physically and mentally stimulated to have a happy and healthy life. The Pomeranian will require at least one good long walk each day. Suitable for families or individuals just looking for a companion, with the right socialization, the Pomeranian can become best friends with just about anyone!

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