Breed of the Week: Miniature Pinscher

Sep 23, 2016

Ever wonder what that tiny Doberman-looking dog was called? It’s the Miniature Pinscher! Or more commonly known, the Min Pin. These little guys pack a lot of personality and energy into a small package. Read on to find out more about these spirited little dogs.

Although the Min Pin usually looks like a miniature version of a Doberman, they actually aren’t related at all! In fact the Miniature Pinscher breed is much older than the Doberman. The Miniature Pinscher was originally bred in Germany several hundred years ago, gaining most of their popularity in 1895 when the Pinscher club was formed. These tiny dogs were developed to rid vermin in German homes.

The Min Pin that we know today usually aren’t hunting for vermin, but they still possess their natural high prey drive. Anything from squirrels, squeaky toys, even leaves blowing in the wind will often gain their attention. Being very determined and strong-willed dogs, once something has their attention, it takes a lot of convincing for them to move on.

Even though the Min Pin has a big personality, they are still tiny little dogs that can get hurt easily if playing too rough with others. Min Pin owners should be extra careful when watching their dog play as they often won’t hold back and with their tiny limbs it can be very easy for a bigger dog to accidentally hurt the Min Pin during play.

If you are considering buying a Miniature Pinscher, get ready for a lot of energy! These guys love to play every minute of the day. If they aren’t given something to do, these curious guys will go exploring and get into anything they can find to keep their busy minds happy. It’s best to have an experienced dog owner as Min Pins are very intelligent and will require a lot of time and training to be satisfied.

Being so naturally tiny, the Miniature Pinscher will require ‘winter wear’ during the colder months. Little booties, sweaters, jackets, it all helps to keep your dog from getting too cold out on his walks in the snow.

These great little dogs love the company of their human companions. Confident, energetic and curious are the best ways to describe the Min Pin. Never underestimate their determination and focus, but instead direct that focus to learning new tricks and you will have an incredibly smart and happy dog!

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