Breed of the Week: Leonberger

Oct 22, 2016


For all the giant dog breed lovers out there, here is the great, majestic Leonberger! The dog bred to look similar to a lion (mane and all!). This gentle giant is a great companion for the whole family and always ready for a photo opportunity!


The Leonberger was bred in the 1800’s in a German town called Leonberg. Breeder’s combined various other already existing breeds such as the St. Bernard, Newfoundlander and Great Pyrenees to create the majestic giant; carefully bred to resemble the town’s lion crest. Leonbergers were originally bred to be watchdogs working with farmers to help protect the livestock. Throughout the years, the Leonberger has been used for search and rescue, water rescue, guarding livestock, and of course, a family companion.

The Leonberger has a very recognisable coat that is always thick and plush. They tend to be dark brown or black around their face, with a brown/gold coat (similar to a lion’s coat). You will find some Leonbergers may not have the typical black or dark brown face, we still think they are gorgeous but unfortunately Leonbergers without the standard black face are not able to be shown in competition. This breed is not for someone looking for a low maintenance or low shedding dog. This giant breed has a lot of hair! It is gorgeous to look at, and hopefully you don’t mind it being everywhere in your house too! Daily brushing is essential for this breed!

Leonbergers have the very typical gentle giant personality that most giant dog breeds have. They are typically very confident dogs that don’t scare easily, but also quick to become submissive when playing with a friendly dog or interacting with people. Generally good with strangers but keep in mind they were at one time used to guarding so be alert of your dog possibly trying to protect you if he believes you are in danger. Leonbergers are famous for being great around kids; but may accidentally knock down small children simply due to the dogs large body. These are definitely sturdy dogs that are always more than happy to go anywhere with you. You never have to worry about a Leonberger slowing you down on a big hike! With that said, they don’t require an absurd amount of exercise. Just as with most giant breeds, after an hour walk, they are more than happy to lounge on the couch with you for the rest of the day.

If you haven’t heard of the Leonberger breed before, we definitely recommend you dive even further in your own research on the wonderful breed. They are such a wonderful companion. Whether you want a Leonberger to guard some livestock, or just a big fluffy dog to cuddle up with and keep you warm, the Leonberger is an excellent choice and fits in to a variety of different lifestyles.

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