Breed of the Week: Irish Setter

Oct 14, 2016

pharaoh hound

Looking for a friendly companion to add to your family? Look no further than the gorgeous Irish Setter! Graceful and endearing, the Irish Setter is a great choice for anyone in need of a gentle and loving pet.
True to the name, the Irish Setter originated in Ireland. There is a lot of debate over what breeds the Irish Setter came from; but likely a combination of pointer and water spaniel breeds. This breed was usually a mix of red and white in colouring, whereas now we most commonly see only the solid red coat. Graceful and athletic, the Irish setter was bred as a hunting dog, specifically birds. These dog were happiest when working with their hunting masters in the field all day. Giving us the high activity level and high stamina that today’s Irish Setters are known for.
The Irish Setter is known for its beautiful red coat. This breed requires daily brushing/combing as the hair is very fine and there’s a lot of it! Especially after long hikes or walks by the lake, the Irish Setters fur can be a magnet for burrs, grass, twigs, etc. and easily tangle.
Originally a hunting dog, today’s Irish Setters need an active owner to keep up with them. They would love to go for a long hike every single day if they could! They also love to swim, so if you are an avid beach goer, consider making an Irish Setter your new best friend! You will love playing Frisbee or fetch with this breed as they are so incredibly graceful when they run.
This breed is generally healthy and will often live to about 11-13 years old. Some of the health concerns to watch out for as your Irish Setter gets older are, arthritis, hip dysplasia and hypothyroidism. If you notice any sudden changes to your Irish Setters appearance or personality, make sure to call your vet immediately.
The Irish Setter is a friendly breed that brings grace and stamina together. They love adventure and are great with the whole family including other pets. Maintaining their coat with daily brushings is essential to keeping out all those twigs and knots. If you do keep up with their daily grooming, you can watch that beautiful hair flow in the wind as they take their long strides!

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